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Articles tagged with "Diving"

Our New Diving Holiday Website

13th August 2015

The new website was designed to be mobile responsive to assist visitors who are using handheld computer devices, such as mobiles and tablets, when they are searching for their next diving adventure. New features of the site include increased social media integration, enhanced search functions and improved comparison and review tools.

Magical Maldives

6th February 2020

The one awe-inspiring moment that stands out for me was diving a site called ‘Aquarium’ which was located on the outside of one of the islands in the North Male Atoll; famous for its manta cleaning station.

The wonderful octopus

1st April 2020

There are a few hot spots where sightings of octopus could almost be considered common place and these tend to be the muck diving capitals of the diving world. A number of locations within the coral triangle are famed for providing the perfect habitat for our eight armed friends- that’s right; arms not legs or tentacles.

Flexi Booking Offer

16th April 2020

Book now, Pay later

That's why we are working with our overseas partners to be able to offer you a selected range of holidays that can be booked now, with deposits paid later, once travel restrictions are lifted.

Whale shark in the Galapagos

Why I Love Whale Sharks

5th May 2020

At first, there were many near misses. We’ve all been there. You return to the boat from a dive to excited chatter from your fellow divers about their thrilling marine life encounter; and endeavour to share in their delight as they recount their tale while querying how on earth you managed to miss it.

Black-spotted sweetlips in Sharm el Sheikh, Red Sea

Scouting out Sharm

11th May 2020

Having never been to Sharm el Sheikh, the Red Sea or even Egypt before, visiting this part of the world seemed like a wonderful opportunity to provide a first hand experience of the area as well as visit some of our partners.